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Sheep memorial removed early

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An animal rights group has agreed to the early removal of a roadside memorial to sheep that were killed in a crash east of Adelaide.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) applied to the local council to install the memorial alongside the Dukes Highway, between Tintinara and Keith, after the crash in July.

It was due to remain in place for a month and included the message “Reckless driving costs lives”, in reference to the suffering that sometimes happens to animals being transported to be used as food or clothing.

But PETA campaign co-ordinator Claire Fryer said the council had since contacted the organisation and asked if it could come down a few days early after a fatal accident in the area last week.

“Obviously we’re happy to do that as a mark of respect,” Ms Fryer said.

“(The memorial) was very discreet and it was there in memory of the animals who are often not considered in incidents such as this.

“But we don’t want to cause any concern for residents or families who have been affected by the latest incident.”

The memorial was originally scheduled to be removed on Thursday but has already been removed.

It was the first such memorial erected by PETA, with more planned in the future.