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Brisbane carjacker gets five years for horrific rampage

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A drug-affected carjacker who crashed a car while a screaming passenger who was unable to escape hung out the vehicle has been jailed.

Theo Fewquandie pleaded guilty in a Brisbane court to five charges including dangerous operation of a vehicle causing grievous bodily harm over the carjacking in January last year.

The now 19-year-old got into a parked car at a shopping centre at Woolloongabba in Brisbane after a man went to buy food, leaving his partner in the passenger seat.

She only realised there was a stranger behind the wheel when he was driving away.

The woman opened the door to get out but became entangled in the seat belt.

She was dragged about 350m, hitting her head so hard her hair was embedded in the kerb.

When the unlicensed teenager crashed the car, the woman was still hanging out the vehicle, having suffered potentially fatal third degree friction burns.

Fewquandie kept driving while dragging the screaming woman, ignoring people in the shopping centre car park who tried to stop him.

He sped over speed bumps and accelerated away, driving on the wrong side of the road before mounting the kerb with a passing police patrol car suddenly in pursuit.

‘Irreparable’ damage

After crashing into a wall, Fewquandie jumped out, telling a bystander “I’ve just had an accident, I don’t know if she is hurt” before running away.

The woman who spent more than two weeks in hospital earlier told the Brisbane District Court the carjacking caused “irreparable” damage.

“I have disfiguring scars that will always be there, that remind me every single moment of every single day of what happened,” she wrote in a statement earlier read to the court.

Fewquandie also pleaded guilty to serious assault after spitting “blood or saliva” into the eyes of a Brisbane hospital security officer in the early hours of the same day of the carjacking.

Judge Jodie Wooldridge sentenced Fewquandie on Friday to five years behind bars.

However, she also ordered he be eligible for parole in September after spending 550 days in custody.