News State Queensland Police use ‘My Family’ stickers on unmarked cars to trick drivers

Police use ‘My Family’ stickers on unmarked cars to trick drivers

my family qld police unmarked car
Unmarked Queensland Police cars use tactics like My Family stickers to be inconspicuous. Photo: Reddit
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Queensland Police is putting My Family stickers on unmarked cars in what some people have described as “sneaky” and “deception”.

A photo surfaced on social media site Reddit on Sunday, showing what appears to be a family car thanks to a popular sticker depicting a family of three.

But it’s given away as an unmarked police car by flashing red and blue lights.

The photo caused backlash, with one person saying this crossed the line into “deliberate deception”.

“They lose trust when they effectively lie.”

Others commented that they were not surprised at the tactic.

“Unmarked cars do things to look like unmarked cars. Omg [oh my God], who would’ve thought?” one said.

Another commented they supported police doing what they need to stop dangerous drivers endangering lives.

Queensland Police said the purpose of unmarked cars was to be inconspicuous.

“The very nature of a covert vehicle is to ensure that it doesn’t stand out, that it is inconspicuous, and it looks like any other vehicle parked on the side of the road.

“Unmarked vehicles are used anywhere, anytime in Queensland to detect offences and enhance safety on Queensland roads.”

The spokesperson said officers employed “a suite of strategies to reduce the trauma on our roads”.

“This includes education, proactive and intelligence driven patrols and traffic operations as well as high-visibility operations, mobile and fixed speed cameras and covert strategies.”

Last year, 247 people died on Queensland roads. There have been 138 deaths so far this year.