News State Queensland Queensland Ambulance unit vandalised and taken out of service for hours

Queensland Ambulance unit vandalised and taken out of service for hours

queensland ambulance vandalised graffiti
Paramedics arrived on Saturday morning to find the ambulance vandalised. Photo: Queensland Ambulance
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An ambulance has been taken off the road in a “senseless act” of vandalism, leading to an “overwhelming” community response to clean it.

Queensland Ambulance shared pictures of the graffiti in a viral Facebook post on Saturday, asking, “Where has the respect gone?”

“What a kick in the guts for our officers who care for the community.”

Staff at the Woodridge Station, south of Brisbane, arrived on Saturday morning to find the new twin stretcher unit vandalised.

“This valuable resource will now be off the road, unable to respond,” the Facebook post said.

“The perpetrators of this senseless act should remember it may be them or a loved one that may need our urgent care.”

More than 28,000 people responded to the post.

It was out of service for hours while staff cleaned it, though thousands of people from the community offered assistance.

queensland ambulance vandalism graffiti
Queensland Ambulance staff cleaned the unit on Saturday.

“The Queensland Ambulance family, especially our staff at Woodridge, would just like to say a heartfelt thanks to literally thousands of people that made contact to offer their personal help or services to clean our vehicle following the vandalism of our vehicle,” Queensland Ambulance said on Sunday.

“Let’s hope the perpetrator of this senseless act learns and comes to realise behaviour such as this is totally unacceptable.”

State local member Cameron Dick visited the station over the weekend to thank the frontline staff. He said the huge community response was evidence of “the big heart of Woodridge”.

“I’m also grateful that so many members of our community volunteered to help clean the ambulance, from families who wanted to come down to the station, to detailers who volunteered to clean the ambulance for free. That’s the big heart Woodridge is known for – people looking out for our ambos because they look out for us.”

Queensland Police is investigating.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.