News State Queensland Company doesn’t give a XXXX for union beer supply threat

Company doesn’t give a XXXX for union beer supply threat

Brewery workers want talks ahead of the Commonwealth Games. Photo: AAP
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A threat by XXXX brewery workers to walk off the job next week would not disrupt beer supplies to the Commonwealth Games, the company says.

The Brisbane workers, who will strike next Monday, are fed up with job insecurity and attempts to water down their conditions after nearly a third of their workforce was made redundant in recent years, with about 40 jobs lost.

United Voice Queensland spokesperson Damien Davie said management needs to be open to bargaining or they’ll risk disrupting the games’ beer supply.

“We want everyone to be able to drink XXXX while they’re enjoying the Commonwealth Games,” Mr Davie said on Tuesday.

“But management needs to come to the table, or they’ll risk disrupting beer supply at this important time.”

Brewery director Irene Bell says she’s confident the strike won’t affect supply and called the action disappointing.

The industrial action has also been prompted by fears the iconic Queensland company plans to make more of its beer in other states.

“It’s just not right; this is a legendary Queensland beer, which should be made exclusively here in Queensland, by Queenslanders,” Mr Davie said.

Ms Bell also quashed that claim.

“XXXX was born here, it’s brewed here and the brewery’s not going anywhere,” she said.