News State QLD News Queenslanders don’t know how to use roundabouts: survey

Queenslanders don’t know how to use roundabouts: survey

Indicating on roundabouts stumps south-east Queenslanders. Photo: Getty
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The majority of south-east Queensland motorists do not know how to indicate on roundabouts, a survey by RACQ has found.

The peak motoring body audited multiple roundabouts in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast and Sunnybank in Brisbane, examining more than 800 cars which passed late last year.

They chose traditional roundabouts, which did not include extra tricks such as slip lanes, to try and give drivers a sporting chance.

They found 60 per cent got it wrong.

Most did not indicate at all, others did so but at the wrong time.

The study also found that drivers were copying what the car in front of them was doing, even if they were incorrect.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said they decided to do the study after their members complained year-in, year-out about their roundabout peeves.

“It makes the top 10 every year,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Unfortunately the stats show that we are just not very good.

“Indicating incorrectly may appear to be a minor traffic infringement but it can have a huge impact while you’re out on the road, especially to frustration levels of other motorists.”

Ms Ritchie said drivers need to brush up on their basics and remember what they learnt to get their licence.

The Queensland road rules require motorists to indicate before entering a roundabout if proceeding immediately left, going right or performing a u-turn.

They are always required to indicate left when exiting a roundabout if practicable.

Failing to signal properly on roundabouts can lead to a $73 fine and two demerit points.

“We would like to see the police going at and looking at these roundabouts which are of concern,” she said.

“Some roundabout are tricker than others.

“They are the ones we should be looking out for and make sure people are doing the right thing.”


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