News State Queensland Intact human skeleton found leaning against tree

Intact human skeleton found leaning against tree

Glen Alpin skeleton
Police: it's too early to say if the death was suspicious. Photo: ABC
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A human skeleton has been found leaning against a tree near Stanthorpe, south-west of Brisbane.

The neighbours of the property at Glen Aplin came upon the bones on Thursday afternoon.

Police said the skeleton, believed to be male, was almost fully intact and was found in a sitting position against the tree.

They said it was too early to say if the person’s death was suspicious, and they believed the cause of death would be difficult to determine.

A crime scene has been established, with a forensic examination underway.

Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood said the neighbours were “quite surprised and distressed” when they came across the remains.

It was discovered 150 metres from the road and 200 metres from the property owners’ house.

Neither the home owners nor neighbours are believed to be connected to the deceased.

“The location is rocky, I think you can’t make assumptions,” Detective Isherwood said.

“If you see the location it’s quite reasonable to [assume] that he couldn’t be seen.

“We believe it’s a male because of the clothing. It would appear that it’s male type clothing.

“At this point in time we have nothing.”

Scientific police are due to arrive from Brisbane to begin forensic examinations.

“We don’t know at this point in time if the victim has met with foul play or if it is in fact just a natural death,” Detective Isherwood said.

“We need to determine the sex of the person, whether there’s any signs of trauma or violence that would indicate death as a result of foul play and more importantly after that… we’ll establish who the person is.”


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