News State QLD News ‘My whole family has been wiped out’: a mother’s grief

‘My whole family has been wiped out’: a mother’s grief

Luke Dorsett. Photo: Facebook. Photo: Facebook
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The mother of two of the victims of the Dreamworld ride says her family has been “devastated” by the tragedy.

Kim Dorsett’s adult children Kate Goodchild, 32, and Luke Dorsett, 35, were killed in the catastrophe on the Thunder River Rapids ride on Tuesday.

Mr Dorsett’s partner, Roozbeh Araghi, 38, was also killed on the ride, as was New Zealand-born Sydney resident Cindy Low, 42, who was holidaying on the Coast with her husband, son, 10, and daughter, aged six.

“I have three children and have lost two of them today — my whole family has been wiped out,” Ms Dorsett told The Courier Mail.

Ms Goodchild had two daughters, aged eight months and 13 years.

Kate Goodchild leaves behind two children. Photo: Facebook.
Kate Goodchild leaves behind two children. Photo: Facebook.

Ms Dorsett said the eldest girl was blaming herself.

“She has had a truly terrible day, she is going through unimaginable pain at the moment,” Ms Dorsett said.

“I’m at a loss as to how to deal with this now — I woke up this morning with three children and tomorrow I am only going to have one left.”

Canberra-based Ms Dorsett and her family were holidaying on the Gold Coast and had extended their stay by a few days.

Roozi Araghi was Mr Dorsett's partner. Photo: Facebook.
Roozi Araghi was Mr Dorsett’s partner. Photo: Facebook.

“Like me, she [the older daughter] is still coming to terms with it all but she is completely devastated — she is blaming herself for what has happened,” Ms Dorsett said.

“I have two granddaughters … and it truly breaks my heart to know that my eight-month-old is never going to get to know her mum.”

Tributes flow for the victims

A friend of Mr Araghi and Mr Dorsett, Douglas Robinson, said the men were both amazing guys.

“Canberra is a very small gay community, everyone knew them or knows someone who knew them,” he said on Facebook.

Others paid tribute to Mr Araghi, who worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and used to write music reviews for LGBTI website Same Same.

Michelle Lewkowicz said, “Thinking of you Roozi and all the times you made me laugh, smile and corrected my grammar! You are a one of a kind and I know you will bring sunshine to heaven!R.I.P. xoxox”

“He did have a good life here in Canberra with his partner Luke. He never backed down from who he was and what he loved. A brave man,” Michael Googan said.

Hilary Kincaid remembered Mr Araghi from their student days. “He was a gentleman. Witty, smart, kind. Obviously loved his partner and his family very much,” she said.

Son witnessed mother’s demise

Ms Low’s son, Kieran, 10, witnessed the tragic accident from another tyre, after the family made the tragic decision to split into separate rides.

Cindy Low was a mother-of-two. Photo: AAP.
Cindy Low, at rear was a mother-of-two. Photo: AAP.

Kieran is being cared for at the Gold Coast Hospital where Ms Low’s husband is believed to be comforting their son.

Meanwhile, friends have paid tribute to the mother-of-two who moved to Australia from New Zealand around 10 years ago.

“A beautiful wife, mother and dear friend was killed today while enjoy[ing] what should have been a relaxing family holiday,” one friend said on social media.

Accident sparks online storm

By Wednesday morning, arguments had broken out between emotional Facebook users on the topic of refunds.

While multiple customers demanded the theme park offer their ticket price back, others chastised them for showing “financial greed” so soon after the tragedy.

“Who cares about a f***ing refund when people have lost their lives?” one user hit back on Wednesday.

“To all the selfish insensitive people complaining about refunds I’m sure you will be reimbursed,” wrote another.

“How about you go and tell your family members that you love them more than a bit of cash?”

A number of users swore their loyalty to the park and promised they would return as soon as it reopened.

Dreamworld had removed customer “reviews” from its Facebook page by Wednesday, preventing the public from viewing past evaluations.

But a number of users re-posted a recent complaint that claimed not one, but two, rides had malfunctioned when she visited the park earlier in October.

Tracey Christensen gave the park a two-star review, claiming both the Tower of Terror and Wipeout rides had been suddenly closed for maintenance.

She also claimed her child’s safety belt had come undone during a ride on The Claw, and that maintenance staff did not seem to care when she informed them.

According to Ms Christensen, the park manager told her the belt buckle was an “added safety feature”, and riders were still safe without them.

“Someone will get seriously injured or killed one day!” concluded the ominous post.

User Jessikah Wiskowski commented on the post claiming to have had a similar experience.

“We had the same thing happen on the Buzz Saw. The harness didn’t lock into place and I thought she was trying to scare us. Then it jolted and she was like, ‘Hang on!'”

Dreamworld will remain closed on Wednesday while police examine how the four were killed on a 30-year-old water raft ride at the Gold Coast theme park. 


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