News State QLD News Queensland university’s phallic ad fail

Queensland university’s phallic ad fail

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The University of Queensland’s latest ad campaign has been taken down after a small penis was spotted in the artwork.

Advertising heavyweight BBDO Clemenger was behind the campaign, which was pitched at attracting new enrolments to the university.

The posters, distributed in outdoor areas, showed a university-aged girl wearing a backpack with a constellation of illustrated icons behind her. Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.06.23 pm

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One of the icons is a hand-drawn, white penis.

Despite the phallic addition, the poster made it to press.

And it was also displayed in public for a number of days before members of the public picked up the discrepancy.

“Spotted something in the UQ advertisement at UQ chancellor bus station … not sure if anyone has noticed”, posted one student to Facebook.

A University of Queensland spokesperson told The New Daily: “The University became aware of an inappropriate image in some campaign material shortly after the campaign was launched.

“We advised the agency, which immediately removed and replaced the offending collateral.”

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