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Divers film in dangerous Queensland sinkhole

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Queensland divers have defied official warnings not to enter a sinkhole that opened near Rainbow Beach on Saturday, capturing incredible video of the objects that were swallowed.

Authorities closed the beach after sand, vegetation and vehicles disappeared into a hole the size of a football field at Inskip Point, a popular camping spot.

Divers from a Rainbow Beach company dived at the site on Tuesday, filming branches, crushed camping equipment and a mattress at the base of the hole.

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Wolf Rock Dive’s Cheryl Maughan told it was an unyielding environment.

“The video really doesn’t show you how difficult it is to get in and around all the trees and debris that surrounds the whole area,” she wrote online.

“A definite entanglement issue especially when using surface supply breathing apparatus.”

The hole appeared about 11pm on Saturday and was estimated to be about 150 metres by 50 metres.

A four-wheel-drive, caravan and camper trailer sunk almost immediately.

About 140 people were evacuated from the site.

Rainbow Beach newsagent Ruth Modin told Brisbane Times terrified campers had been evacuated at night and told to come back the next day.

“It was dark and they were told to leave their vans and come back in the morning and hopefully they would still be there,” Ms Modin said.

“There was fishermen apparently nearby who said there was this noise and the next thing the sand just started moving out to sea.”

Major sinkhole has occurred at the Inskip Point Camp Grounds. (Near Rainbow Beach) Appears no injuries with property…

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