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Billy Gordon explanation cut short

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A speech meant to shed light on the turmoil overshadowing the Queensland parliament was cut short after just two-and-a-half minutes in.

Cook MP Billy Gordon was to explain his side to allegations he misled parliament over unpaid child support payments

Mr Gordon said he had paid up outstanding funds and arranged to have future payments deducted from his salary but was forced to admit $24 had been missed and was still outstanding at the time.

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“I did not knowingly mislead the parliament … my answer was truthfully based on information that I had to hand,” he said.

But his speech today was cut very short when he started to use his speech to blast his detractors.

Queensland Speaker Peter Wellington. Source: AAP

He described media organisations as “unethical” and “agenda-ridden” but the Speaker Peter Wellington stopped him after a few words.

“I’ve entered the parliament with my eyes wide open, knowing it could be a rough business.

“What I didn’t expect in my first month in Parliament was to feel the full ugly force of unethical agenda-ridden media, driven by the agenda of some.”

Mr Wellington stopped him there saying he had violated parliamentary rules that stop MPs criticising other members.

“You are straying from the purpose of personal explanation, if you have nothing further to say you may resume your seat,” Mr Wellington said.

Mr Gordon faced allegations as he entered the knife-edge parliament that he was the perpetrator of domestic violence in past relationships.

The allegations from two former partners forced Mr Graham to leave the Labor Party and sit on the crossbenches.

The move drew a cloud over whether Mr Gordon’s former party would accept his vote in the neck-and-neck parliament.

Mr Gordon has denied the allegations, which are under investigation, the ABC reported.

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