News State Queensland ‘We will form govt’: Palaszczuk

‘We will form govt’: Palaszczuk

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Annastacia Palaszczuk is considering her ministry after declaring that Labor will form Queensland’s next government this week.

Ms Palaszczuk expects to claim the seat of Ferny Grove within 48 hours, giving the party the 45 seats required to form government with the support of independent Peter Wellington.

“That is a majority,” she said.

“I’m confident that Labor will be able to form government this week.”

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Ms Palaszczuk said she would go to the governor requesting permission to form government on Wednesday and it was up to caretaker Premier Campbell Newman to “do the honourable thing” and hand over power.

The Labor leader said she was already giving serious consideration to her ministry.

She insisted that unions or Labor factions would not be the only ones to get a say in who would be cabinet ministers, but that this decision would also involve members of parliament and other stakeholders.

“I will take all matters into consideration, but at the end of the day it is my decision and my decision alone,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

The result in Ferny Grove was in doubt on Monday with a Palmer United Party candidate being declared ineligible and the electoral commission having referred the result to the Court of Disputed Returns.

Campbell Newman
Queensland caretaker Premier Campbell Newman has been asked to “do the right thing” and hand over power.

The court may rule that all votes for the PUP’s Mark Taverner are null and void or that a by-election is required, but that determination could take months.

Ms Palaszczuk brushed off questions about whether it was right to form government with the Ferny Grove result in doubt.

She said the writs for the seat would be returned first and then the court process would begin, but the declared winner should be able to take the seat in the meantime.

“There is a two-stage process,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“I am not pre-empting the courts, the courts will make their determination (on the Ferny Grove result) based on the evidence available to them.”

But Liberal National Party leader Lawrence Springborg accused Labor of trying to pressure the governor.

“The governor should be given the opportunity to make the decision that he may need to make in the absence of megaphone diplomacy or anyone on the sidelines trying to provide pressure,” he said.

He said the caretaker government would continue to rule Queensland until the results of all seats were determined.

He wouldn’t say whether the LNP believed that that would be after the electoral commission had declared all seats or the court had ruled on Ferny Grove.

But Mr Springborg said the governor would make the ultimate decision.

“I’m not speculating on what the governor may or may not do,” he said.

“If the governor chooses to take their own advice and counsel and call upon people, then that it a matter for the governor.”

The LNP leader also denied he was putting pressure on the governor to wait until the Court of Disputed Returns had ruled on Ferny Grove.

The LNP was on track to win 42 seats on Monday afternoon, but if the party won a possible by-election in Ferny Grove and secured the support of two crossbenchers it could form government.

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