News State Queensland Qld poll reaction: blame, shame and champagne

Qld poll reaction: blame, shame and champagne

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The extraordinary election result in Queensland prompted an outpouring of recrimination, congratulation and condemnation. Here’s a selection of across-the-board reaction:

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Labor leader: “Who’d have thought three years ago that we’d be making history tonight. It’s still too close to call, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to form a government.”

Campbell Newman, former Qld Premier: “My political career is over … The LNP will offer a strong and stable government or a very effective Opposition in the years to come.”

Tony Abbott, PM: “Obviously there are lessons from the result in Queensland. The lessons are not to give up on reform but to make sure everything you propose is fully explained and well justified…I accept that we have some difficulties, (but) we have listened, we have learnt, we will be a more consultative and collegial government in 2015. We will not take the Senate for granted in 2015 as sometimes we were tempted to do in 2014.”

Campbell Newman concedes defeat in the seat of Ashgrove. Photo: AAP
Newman concedes defeat in the seat of Ashgrove. Photo: AAP

Warren Truss, deputy PM: “Queenslanders have now demonstrated a preparedness for volatility and I don’t think any government anywhere can ever, after this result, consider themselves to be safe and that is a good message that all governments should learn.”

Jane Prentice, Qld Federal MP: “Tony (Abbott) has said he has listened and learned. He is making a keynote speech on Monday at the press club [and] we can’t continue as we are. We are not taking the people with us. We are getting bad feedback … I think the members will look at the results tonight and they will take those to Canberra.”

Bill Shorten, Federal Labor leader: “If Tony Abbott walks the plank, that’s a cop out … It is what Liberals are trying to sell Australia [that] is the problem.”

Tim Nicholls, Treasurer in the former Newman Government: “There were certainly federal factors and there were less-than-helpful things. Raising discussion about the GST was something that certainly didn’t help the campaign. The Medicare co-payment was again something that we didn’t support as we didn’t support raising the GST. Those factors I think did play a role.”

Warren Entsch, Qld Federal MP: “I’m going to have to look closely at the outcome of this … I’m bitterly disappointed.”

Darren Chester, Vic Federal MP: “Newsflash: polls are bad, ‘better sack the leader’ because that worked so well for Labor didn’t it? Time for cool heads to prevail.”

George Brandis, Attorney-General: “Let’s be frank, the government had a shocker of a week. The Prime Minister had a shocker of a week.”

Julia Gillard, former PM: “Congratulations to Annastacia and the Labor team on a hard fought, courageous campaign. You can rightly be proud of your efforts.”

Kevin Rudd, former PM: “Anastacia Palaszczuk, against all the odds, and despite all the detractors over the last three years, has delivered a stunning result in Qld.”

Peter Beattie, former Qld Premier: “Nobody expected her (to win). If you’d have said a year ago, Annastacia was going to be in this position, if I’d said this, I would have been carted off to the funny farm. You’ve got to admire her guts.”

Henry Palaszczuk, the Labor leader’s father and a former Queensland Minister: “The only person who thought that it could be a possibility was Annastacia.”

South Australian independent senator Nick Xenophon: “He’s got a tin ear. The captain’s pick of Prince Philip was basically a fatal blow to his prime ministership. I think he’s got until the end of this week.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten: “If they think it’s the salesman, not what they’re selling, they will have learned nothing. It’s the arrogance which really frustrates people.”

Greens leader Christine Milne: “It’s not just Tony Abbott, it’s the Abbott government policies that are the problem. They have to reject the cruel and arrogant way they have been leaning on the poor.”

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