News State Queensland Newman: ‘I quit. It’s over’

Newman: ‘I quit. It’s over’

Campbell Newman and his wife
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Campbell Newman has waved goodbye to his political career.

It was night of gasps and tears at the Liberal National Party election night party, with faithful supporters watching seats fall to Labor across the state, including the premier’s seat of Ashgrove.

There were few cheers or laughs, but many grimaces and flinches as people took in the results pouring in on the big screen.

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Mr Newman spent most of the night in a separate room sitting beside his wife Lisa with his closest advisors gathered around him.

But finally the outgoing Queensland premier appeared to farewell his faithful supporters.

“My political career is over, it is over,” a humbled Mr Newman said.

Campbell Newman
Vote of no confidence: Newman gets the boot. Photo: AAP

Some younger supporters cried out “no” and “go for PM”.

“Tough, you’re going to have to wear that one,” the premier smiled.

Mr Newman said his government had made the tough decisions and left Queensland a better place, but that he respected the verdict of the voters.

“When the history of this government is written, people should look long and hard about (about) a political team that did the hard yards and didn’t leak, and didn’t bitch and moan, they go on with job because they knew they did the right thing for Queensland,” he said.

Mr Newman said it was time for him and Lisa wife to go into a new chapter in their lives.

“This is the lady, the love, of my life,” he said, turning and looking into Mrs Newman’s eyes.

“I think her for supporting me for 13 years in political office, and we’re going to go forward together and a have a great life together.”

The premier finished by saying: “Thank you Queensland, it has been an honour, it has been a privilege, thank you.”

The crowd started chanting “Campbell, Campbell, Campbell” as he walked off the stage, shaking some hands on the way.

The only senior LNP figures in the room were Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney, LNP president Bruce McIver and former federal senator Ron Boswell.

The rest were staffers and rank and file members, many of whom were holding a drink in each hand, told AAP they had lost their jobs.

The LNP’s party is over, and perhaps their fleeting hold on power in the Sunshine State is as well.


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