News State Queensland Campbell Newman loses Ashgrove in QLD poll

Campbell Newman loses Ashgrove in QLD poll

Campbell Newman
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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has lost his seat of Ashgrove to Labor’s Kate Jones in the state election, calling to congratulate her on her win.

The now-former Queensland Premier says his political career is over, after the LNP suffered devastating losses in Saturday’s state election.

Mr Newman has stopped short of conceding defeat, but said he had lost his own seat of Ashgrove.

ABC election analyst Antony Green says on the current figures, the LNP has little hope of picking up the 45 seats needed to form a majority government in the 89-seat parliament.

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“The Labor Party can make majority government. The second most obvious case is a minority Labor government. Then there is potential of a minority LNP government,” he said.

“But there doesn’t seem to be any chance of majority LNP government out of these numbers.”

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Labor candidate Kate Jones.

In early counting Labor had secured a 12.8 per cent swing, with 46 per cent of votes counted.

Mr Newman was among the early casualties, having trailed Ms Jones by a huge margin on a two-party preferred basis: with 38 per cent of the vote counted, he had 43 per cent of the vote compared to Ms Jones’s 57 per cent.

Just before 8pm, Mr Green said: “The Labor Party will win Ashgrove.”

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said it appeared Mr Newman was in trouble.

“On those numbers, it is certainly looking that way,” he said.

“I think it is a sad day, obviously, for Campbell and the work he has put into the seat of Ashgrove, but we have still got a fair way to go.

“Still got 60 per cent of the vote to go but on those numbers, it looks like it is going to be very, very hard for Campbell and the LNP in that area.”

Mr Nicholls, who was ahead in Clayfield, said federal factors were “less than helpful” during the campaign.

“Raising discussion about the GST was something that certainly didn’t help the campaign,” he said.

The Medicare co-payment was again something that we didn’t support, as we didn’t support raising the GST.

“Those factors I think did play a role in what we have seen and part of what we are seeing here tonight.”

In the bellwether seat of Barron River in far north Queensland, there was an initial swing of 14.9 per cent towards

Labor from five booths, after about 17 per cent of the vote was counted.

“At this stage that looks like Barron River is a strong possibility for the Labor Party to gain,” Mr Green said.

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