News State QLD News Queensland mine workers sacked by Thiess via text message

Queensland mine workers sacked by Thiess via text message

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A mine operator has apologised to about 100 workers who were sacked via text message.

The miners at the Burton Mine in central Queensland each received a text message from Thiess last week telling them they had been made redundant.

“We wish to inform you that your position at Burton will no longer be required. You will be released from the project by way of redundancy,” the company said in the SMS.

“Information updates will takes (sic) place with crews this evening and tomorrow. Please email if you have any questions.”

The sacked workers used Thiess’s Facebook page to vent their frustration and disappointment.

“What a bunch of dogs, sacking people by text How safe do you reckon these people felt driving home. Good work guys,” Bob Down wrote.

David Ferguson said he was disgusted at the lack of respect the company had shown by sacking people by SMS.

“An employee, a human being, deserves far more respect when letting them know such a significant decision. Shame, Thiess, shame,” he said.

“Sacking people by SMS or automated message at best reeks of callousness and at worst of cowardice.”

Thiess said workers had been told the mine would be scaled down in early August and that phone calls and SMS would be used to communicate developments.

“However, the use of SMS in this instance was an error and we apologise,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Other affected personnel were notified in person.”

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