News State QLD News Bikies challenge looms

Bikies challenge looms

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Bikies are preparing to challenge Queensland’s anti-gang laws in the High Court.

The United Motorcycle Council (UMC) of Queensland will outline details of the High Court challenge on Wednesday morning.

Riders say the new laws, aimed at criminal bikie gangs, have resulted in the harassment of law-abiding motorcyclists.

UMC spokesman and Rebels veteran Mick Kosenko says bikie groups have banded together to fight the laws, which are an attack on their civil liberties.

“Well, we haven’t got a choice,” he told ABC radio.

“We’ve got to win or we’ve lost everything – not only our freedom but our livelihoods.”

Queensland’s anti-bikie gang legislation, which imposes longer prison sentences on gang members and restricts their ability to meet in public, was introduced in October.

The government last month expanded those laws to extend the list of industries bikies are banned from working in.