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Survey to gauge time and money spent on weeds

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The weed problem in Queensland is getting out of hand, and AgForce wants to gather hard data on the extent of the situation to lobby the government.

A recent Landcare survey found farmers spent an average $20,000 a year controlling weeds and pests, but some Queensland farmers say their bills can reach several hundred thousand dollars.

AgForce councillor Ivan Naggs chairs the Invasive Plants and Animals Committee for the government.

He says the survey is long overdue and will deliver the clear messages governments and research groups need to invest more in weed control.

“We are hoping (this will give) the weed control problem a higher level on government and local authorities’ platform of expenditure…” he said.

“And also to give research organisations, large chemical companies, to show them the level of the problem out there so we might attract some research dollars.”

One of Australia’s most respected weed researchers Rachel McFadyen says the survey is an excellent idea.

She says the loss of a national weeds research body means it’s up to groups like AgForce to gather the valuable information.

She wants a country-wide organisation to be re-established, but says she isn’t holding her breath.

“What is badly needed is some kind of coordinating body so that you don’t have weed researchers in different states working isolated…. The likelihood is zilch because governments at every level are in fact cutting back on any kind of funding.”

The AgForce weed survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will close very soon on November 1.

To participate, visit the AgForce website and follow the links.