News State QLD News Police chase leads in burnt torso murder case

Police chase leads in burnt torso murder case

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Queensland police say they are following up a number of leads as investigations continue into a murder near Gympie, in the state’s south-east, last month.

A burnt torso of a man was found at Cedar Pocket, but is yet to be identified.

Senior Sergeant Gregg Davey says police are looking for the driver of a gold or orange car seen near the body on the night of the crime.

He says they have also received a number of leads from a distinctive towel that was found near the body.

“We’ve had some very positive results coming in relation to the towel,” he said.

“We’ve been able to identify an exact copy of that towel and certainly we’re carrying out a number of investigations into that at the moment.”

He says there is still forensic testing happening.

“There’s a number of items recovered from the scene and basically it’s a process of us developing the forensic side of it,” he said.

“At this stage we can’t disclose all the items we’ve located.

“Certainly there is a number of those and they’ve got to go to various places for the testing to occur.”