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New invention to clean dams

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and no truer words are spoken to describe Isisford Grazier Robbie Brunckhorst’s invention.

The current drought has caused falling dam levels and consequently exposed thick mud around the banks. He says he is sick of saving his sheep which became bogged in the sticky mud as they try and take a drink.

“…flat out enough in dry times without going around pulling sheep out of the bog…”

Mr Brunckhorst’s invention involves attaching an old blade from his tracker to the back of his bulldozer. He’d spent considerable time working out the best distance and angle for the steel arm and blade to do its job – to clean the dam back to its clay base

He then backs down as far as he can, drops the blade in to the mud and it rolls the mud out. Reporter Lydia Burton when along to see how the invention works.