News State QLD News Extra $10m to be spent on Paradise Dam safety

Extra $10m to be spent on Paradise Dam safety

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SunWater says it will complete $10 million worth of additional safety works at Paradise Dam, south-west of Bundaberg, by December.

The dam’s dissipater and spillway sustained more than $23 million worth of damage after January’s floods and that stage of repairs is expected to be finished in the next fortnight.

SunWater chief executive Peter Boettcher says a safety review recommended further repairs to strengthen the dam’s dissipater slab.

“Phase three of our investigations was to bring forward a full safety review of the dam and that involved drilling through that dissipater slab that was originally constructed there just to confirm the composition of that concrete and those foundations in the concrete itself,” he said.

“As a result of that investigation we have identified further work to strengthen the slab itself and that’s what we will be doing over the next three months.

“We’ve identified some issues with the dissipater slab at Paradise Dam of our stage three safety investigations which means we’re going to be essentially reinforcing that slab with and additional concrete slab over the top of it.

“We’re on target to complete that work pre-Christmas, we want to make sure that we take advantage of the good weather we have now.”