News State QLD News Moves on to boost Currumbin Estuary safety

Moves on to boost Currumbin Estuary safety

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The Gold Coast Waterways Authority is finalising signs aimed at improving safety at Currumbin Estuary.

The signs are part of a number of measures announced last month.

Authority CEO Hal Morris says the signs will play an important role.

“They do make people aware that firstly there are laws which require people to keep clear of each other and also to maintain maximum speed at six knots and so on within certain distances of swimmers,” he said.

“It also allows us too to make people aware that there have been problems and that this is a dangerous bar.”

Mr Morris says new safety initiatives appear to be having a positive effect.

The measures followed meetings with local surfers, boating and volunteer marine rescue representatives and officials from state and local governments.

Mr Morris says measures included the installation of a camera and records will be kept for 90 days instead of 30.

“That will go a step further to making sure or making people aware, particularly boaties aware, that they are being watched and just the activity of watching seems to be a positive in that people are responding and we certainly have had no accidents or incidents reported to us during the trial period,” he said.