News State Northern Territory NT cattleman rescues heifer wrapped around a tree by its tail

NT cattleman rescues heifer wrapped around a tree by its tail

It is believed the heifer was swatting flies when its tail became wrapped around the tree. Photo: Facebook: Annaburroo Station
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A Northern Territory cattle producer has come to the rescue of a heifer who had accidentally wrapped its tail around a tree and got stuck.

Annaburroo Station manager Adrian Phillips said he had been checking one of his paddocks when he came across the animal.

“It seemed a bit odd the way she was on her own, so I poked over on the bike and found out she had herself tied in knots,” he told the NT Country Hour.

heifer 2
The Brahman heifer accidentally wrapped its tail around the tree and got stuck. Photo: Facebook: Annaburroo Station

“I tried to unravel it [the tail], but couldn’t because she was proper tied up.

“So I went home, grabbed the chainsaw, cut the tree, and she got up and on her way.”

How did it happen?

Mr Phillips said it seemed the heifer had been trying to get rid of flies when the freak accident happened.

“She’s then gone around the tree trying to get herself free and has made the situation even worse for herself.”

Mr Phillips said he had never seen “such a freak accident by the tail” during his years working in the cattle industry.

On a station renowned for its big crocodiles, Mr Phillips said the animal was lucky he had found her so soon.

“Although she wasn’t very appreciative [when I rescued her],” he laughed.

“She full got up me.”