News State NT News VIDEO: NT waterhole infested with crocodiles

VIDEO: NT waterhole infested with crocodiles

crocodile attack cairns
Cairns authorities say the attack happened near a local park where crocodiles are known to live.
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Stunning footage has emerged showing dozens of crocodiles manically swimming in a shallow waterhole in the Northern Territory.

The video, captured in a helicopter and posted by Facebook user Josh Sears, gives a stunning insight into how the deadly creatures behave in the wild.

Taken during a flight over the Arnhem Land area of the NT, the small area of water appears to be completely infested by the animals.

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It is possible they could have been engaged in some sort of “feeding frenzy”, or became stranded in the small pool of water, but the reason for the gathering is unclear.

The splashes of the crocodiles’ tails as they slap the water can be heard over the loud motor of the hovering helicopter.

There are an estimated 100,000 saltwater crocodiles in the Northern Territory. That number is dramatically higher than the estimated 3,000 to 4,000 crocodiles alive in 1971, the year the NT government made it illegal to hunt the animals.

Arnhem Land is located at the northernmost tip of the NT, to the east of its capital Darwin.

Two men were killed by saltwater crocodiles in the NT in 2015 – Bill Scott, 62 and Lanh Van Tran, 57.

Mr Scott was pulled from a boat by a crocodile in June while Mr Tran was taken by a crocodile whilst fishing.

Check out the remarkable footage below:

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