News State NT News A croc attack from its dinner’s point of view

A croc attack from its dinner’s point of view

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This is what it looks like to have a saltwater crocodile chomp down on you, hard.

The image was captured by photographer Trevor Frost and filmmaker Melissa Lesh as part of a National Geographic funded project filmed in the Northern Territory.

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The American couple ventured into the croc-infested waterways of the Top End equipped with foam-clad remote controlled boats carrying GoPro miniature cameras in order to film “the dinner’s-eye view” as a crocodile attacks.

Not only did the pair manage to catch the coveted angle, but over the course of filming saltwater crocodiles chomped down on the floating camera nine times.

Frost, who hails from Virginia, said he had devoted his life to river conservation and became fascinated with saltwater crocodiles and their habitats on a trip to Australia a few years ago.

He was captivated by the successful conservation program to restore crocodile populations in NT waterways, and the outlawing of unlicensed hunting.

“Saltwater crocs have the strongest recorded bite force of any animal on the planet — [the] kind of force can easily crush a human skull,” Frost said.

Because of the inherent danger in getting close enough to film crocodiles, Frost stayed in a boat while he deployed remote-controlled toy boats jerry-rigged to hold the cameras.

“Even something as simple as a tripod being up on the boat can be dangerous when you’re doing this kind of work,” Frost said.

“I definitely have an enormous respect for the creature, and my heart is always going.

“I’m always thinking about every little thing that could go wrong to make sure that I stay safe and that I keep my team safe as well … So far I’m still alive, and I’ve got all my fingers and toes.”

Saltwater crocodile attack on GoPro camera
The view from a camera as it is dragged under water by an attacking saltwater crocodile.