News State NT News Gas to Gove pipeline EIS passes EPA finch test

Gas to Gove pipeline EIS passes EPA finch test

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The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority has released its assessment of the proposed gas to Gove pipeline.

The 600 kilometre gas pipeline would run from just south of Katherine to Gove in Arnhem Land and would cost an estimated $800 million.

It would delivering a cheaper form of energy to keep Rio Tinto’s alumina refinery operating.

The EPA says it is satisfied that all potential environmental issues have been identified in the company’s environmental impact statement.

These include the effects clearing and construction could have on vulnerable species like the Gouldian Finch, the freshwater sawfish and the critically endangered bare-rumped sheath-tail bat.

The EPA says the project can be managed in a way that avoids “unacceptable” environmental impacts, provided that commitments, safeguards and recommendations are implemented.

However, the future of the entire project remains uncertain, with Rio Tinto yet to accept the Territory Government’s latest gas offer.