News State NSW News ‘Modboy’ Ethan Bramble says he is innocent and would never hurt a woman

‘Modboy’ Ethan Bramble says he is innocent and would never hurt a woman

Ethan Bramble was wanted by Victoria Police. Photo: Instagram
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A heavily tattooed young man who calls himself the “world’s most modified youth” has denied assault claims, saying he has been wrongly accused and can disprove the allegations made by a woman he then labelled a “dumb bitch”.

With tattoos covering about 98 per cent of his body, including his eyeballs, Ethan Bramble is hard to miss.

But Victoria Police has been struggling to find him, and issued a wanted alert for the 22-year-old.

Mr Bramble then made further headlines when he began cheekily taunting authorities with social media posts and videos including commenting on a police warrant announcement featuring his face.

“I’ve never once seen him in my life,” he wrote on one Victoria Police page about him.

A model and father, Mr Bramble has been gaining media attention in the past year – appearing on national television and radio, and in overseas media.

He has told of his love of body modifications including his snake-like tongue split and his more than 150 tattoos. He has also opened up about his mental health struggles, and has been urging the public to be more accepting and not judge people on first sight.

Photo: Facebook

On Thursday morning the Sydney man spoke live on air to Channel 10’s Studio 10 to clarify that he believed he was wanted for failing to show up to court to face allegations he had damaged a car.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Alex Day told The New Daily Mr Bramble was wanted for arrest over “assault-related” offences.

By the afternoon Mr Bramble had been informed he was actually wanted over allegations he had assaulted his ex-partner at a bar.

“Never have I ever hit a female, let alone an ex partner,” he wrote in response.

Ethan Bramble with TV personality Grant Denyer. Photo: Instagram

In a video to his 205,000 Instagram followers, he said he had dropped a beer at the feet of his ex girlfriend after she showed up to a bar he was at.

“It was a childish thing to do, I’ll admit that,” Mr Bramble said.

He said he had been drinking and deliberately dropped the beer at her feet, but he can prove that in no way did he throw it at her or aim at her body.

“So then I contacted the bar that I went to, and they have camera footage of the whole thing … I hate to have to explain myself as well, but unfortunately that’s what I have to do,” Mr Bramble said.

Mr Bramble said he was interviewed by Andrew Denton but the show didn’t air because of allegations against him. Photo: Instagram

“The best part is this dumb bitch is going to feel f—ing stupid after this.”

He slammed people as “ridiculously dumb” for giving in to what he called a “media circus” surrounding his wanted status.

The case would not have gained as much attention had he not looked the way he does, Mr Bramble told Studio 10.

“If I wasn’t who I was, this wouldn’t be the media circus that it is,” he said.

He said he planned to fight the allegations when he appears in court in Melbourne in June.