News State NSW News Former patients tell NSW court of historical abuse by Armidale dentist

Former patients tell NSW court of historical abuse by Armidale dentist

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Ex-patients tell court how dentist Werner Otto Schwarz, now 82, hypnotised and abused them. Getty
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A man has been “dead for decades” after he was sexually assaulted as a child by his dentist in the 1980s, a Sydney court has heard.

“You stole a child and broke him,” the man said in his victim impact statement video that was played at Werner Otto Schwarz’s sentence hearing on Friday.

“You stole love from me and replaced it with fear, a fear that never ends.”
Schwarz, now 82, was found guilty in October of 17 sex offences against underage boys.

The jury found him not guilty of another six charges and failed to reach a verdict on a remaining three charges.

The trial heard Schwarz would use hypnosis and relaxation techniques to take advantage of the boys on a bed in the back room of his dental surgery.

On Friday the Downing Centre District Court heard four victim impact statements.
“It was my parents’ role to educate me about sex, not yours,” one man said in his video statement that included photos and voice-over.

His poetic statement included the lines: “You took away my mind with your cold and horrid lies. You took away my body and made me close my eyes.”

“I’ve been dead for decades because life’s so bloody worthless,” he said.
Phil Wright, another victim, was in his early teens when he was assaulted by Schwarz.

“There is no relief from my suffering,” he told the court.

“I don’t believe the horror or the damage will ever leave me.”

Mr Wright said the abuse caused him shame and torment and made him so physically ill that he vomited within minutes of leaving the dental surgery.

He broke down as he told the court of his “extreme” fear of dentists that’s left him unable to seek treatment for a painful wisdom tooth and chipped front tooth.

“I literally have a meltdown at the thought of making an appointment with a dentist,” he said.

Schwarz is due to be sentenced on January 12.