News State NSW News Brother downloaded sibling’s death video and didn’t know it

Brother downloaded sibling’s death video and didn’t know it

Danukul Mokmool, 30, suffered mental health problems for 10 years Photo: Charlie Huynh/ ABC
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The brother of the man shot dead by police outside a Sydney florist watched video of the shooting unaware whose death he was witnessing.

Thai national Danukul “Dan” Mokmool, 30, held up a florist with a broken bottle and scissors at Central Station in Sydney’s CBD on Wednesday night.

Police shot him several times in a deadly confrontation.

His half-brother, Charlie Huynh, was coincidentally sent video of the incident in a group message, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

He only realised he witnessed his half-brother’s death hours later when police knocked at the door of his family home in Heckenberg, in Sydney’s south west.

Mr Huynh said Mr Mokmool suffered mental health problems, and had paranoid delusions in the hours before the shooting.

“I guess he was trying to make a big scene. He told the cops to obviously shoot him. He just wanted to die I guess,” Mr Huynh told ABC.

“If he’s telling the cops to shoot him, I’m guessing so.”

Mr Huynh said he didn’t believe they needed to shoot him dead, and could have instead used pepper spray to disarm him.

Mr Mokmool reportedly once worked as a factory packer and had been studying at TAFE. His LinkedIn page said he had worked as a forklift driver.

central station shooting
Manuel Theoharas said he ran out of his shop for his own safety. Photo: ABC

Mr Mokmool confronted florist Manuel Theoharas in his store at the Eddy Avenue entrance to Central Station and held a bottle to his neck.

Mr Theoharas, 73, said he felt bad the 30-year-old was killed but defended the actions of police.

“I don’t think they had a choice because he could have run out there while he was holding the scissors to hurt other people,” Mr Theoharas said.

“I feel sorry for him but I’m alive because I could be dead.”

Mr Theoharas said Mr Mokmool grabbed him from behind and demanded he call the police.

As Mr Mokmool grabbed a pair of scissors, Mr Theoharas decided to run out of his shop and into the station for his own safety, he said.

Police said they were called to the scene at 6.45pm after receiving reports of an armed robbery.

Danukul Mokmool, 30, died at the scene. Photo: AAP

Police shot the man after a short confrontation, in which witnesses described police ordering a person to put down their hands.

Police will conduct a critical incident investigation.

Salim, who owns a kebab shop nearby, rushed out after he heard people screaming.

He said he saw the elderly florist, who he has worked alongside for years, covered with blood.

“I heard a noise – three shots – but I only realised what it was after I heard someone screaming,” he said.

Salim said he saw the suspected attacker lying on the ground surrounded by police as he rushed past to help his injured friend.

Sami Aryal, who works nearby, said four or five police officers surrounded the flower shop and asked someone to put their hands down for 10 to 15 seconds.

“One of the policemen went inside the shop … and as soon as a man was about to run, I saw the policeman shooting him,” she said.

“He was shot and he was straight to the floor.”

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