News State NSW News Skydiving deaths: two men killed during tandem jump in NSW

Skydiving deaths: two men killed during tandem jump in NSW

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A crime scene ha been established near Picton in New South Wales. Photo: Nine News
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A man in his sixties and another in his twenties have died in a tandem skydiving incident.

It is understood they were completing a tandem jump, supervised by Sydney Skydivers, which began – and was supposed to end – at Picton, NSW, on Saturday afternoon.

The older man was reported to be an experienced parachutist while the younger man was identified as a Singaporean in Australia on a work visa.

Police and New South Wales Ambulance were called to the driveway of a private property in Wilton Rd., Wilton, about a kilometre from the takeoff point, around 2pm Saturday after a local resident raised the alarm.

Police from Camden Local Area Command established a crime scene and are investigating the incident.

News Corp quoted the co-owner of the Wilton property, Mr Chase Stephenson, as saying his seven-year-old daughter was deeply shaken after seeing the bodies seconds after impact.

“She hasn’t seen them hit the ground but she is pretty traumatised,” he said.

“It’s a shocking thing for a young girl to see.”

Police quiz witnesses near the spot where the tandem skydivers crashed to earth in the driveway of a private home. ABC

ABC News spoke to a person, who did not want to be identified, who dived in the same group as the dead men.

“After we finished our dive, all the instructors got called into a big group,” they said.

“When we arrived on the ground we didn’t know what had happened.

“I think they must have dived after me.”

A spokesperson for Sydney Skydivers confirmed the fatality to the Daily Mail and explained the accident happened during a skydiving lesson.

“There was a fatality involving an instructor and a student,” the spokesperson said

“The cause is not yet known. More information will become available when police and the Australian Parachute Federation complete their preliminary investigation.”

The New Daily contacted Sydney Skydivers for comment.

– with ABC

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