News State NSW News Watch: Feisty German shepherd and kangaroo square off

Watch: Feisty German shepherd and kangaroo square off

kangaroo v german shepherd
A german shepherd and a kangaroo face off in New South Wales Photo: YouTube
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Ever wondered who would win a fight between a German shepherd and a kangaroo?

The two unlikely rivals were captured in an epic tussle on the side of a Cooma road in New South Wales on Monday.

The standoff lasted roughly 20 minutes as a man thought to be the dog’s owner watched the brave pooch face off with the staunch roo.

Watch the stand-off below (offensive language warning)

Anthony Hartley filmed the altercation before police were forced to break up the melee.

“I was just driving through on the way back from the snow,”  Mr Hartley told Seven News Online.

“I saw a kangaroo and a German Shepherd have a bit of a scuffle for about 20 minutes, until the police broke it up.”

The pair can be seen squaring off, as the much bigger kangaroo repeatedly swipes at the German shepherd, only for it to weave away.

No serious blows were landed.

The policeman, armed with a stick, later entered the scene as the feisty duo disappeared into the bush.