News State New South Wales Maserati driver turns Camp Cove into his sand trap and knocks a few balls into the Harbour

Maserati driver turns Camp Cove into his sand trap and knocks a few balls into the Harbour

The Maserati sits in Camp Cove's sand trap while police chat with the driver who left it there. Photo / Channel 10
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A Maserati driver has parked his luxury ride on an eastern suburbs beach before pulling out his golf clubs and smacking balls into Sydney Harbour.

The 51-year-old startled beachgoers on Tuesday morning when he drove down a small ramp onto the sand at Camp Cove, near Watsons Bay.

Unsurprisingly, the Maserati quickly got stuck.

The driver, dressed in floral boardshorts, a hat and sunglasses, then pulled his golf clubs out of the sports car to practise his swing.

“What’s the criminal offence?” he asked the police officer who came to investigate.

“Where’s the sign that says I can’t park here?”

He then added: “Look, I’m a lawyer.”

The man also urged police to “get some ice addicts off the roads” instead of pestering him, according to footage of the bizarre incident aired on Ten News.
The Maserati, estimated to be worth at least $100,000, was eventually towed off the beach and the man was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment.

Police are still determining whether to charge the man due to mental health concerns.

“The intention is not to charge him at this stage,” a police spokeswoman told AAP.

Woollahra Council says its compliance team is looking into whether the driver breached council regulations.

“This is a highly unusual incident. In the interest of everyone’s safety, it’s important that cars are only driven on roadways and parked safely,” a council spokeswoman told AAP on Tuesday.

There are no signs which prohibit vehicles on the beach, she said.