News State NSW News Gladys Berejiklian voted NSW Premier after Liberal Party meeting

Gladys Berejiklian voted NSW Premier after Liberal Party meeting

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants to focus on housing affordability. Photo: AAP Photo: AAP
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Gladys Berejiklian has been voted leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party and the state’s 45th Premier, following a party room meeting.

Ms Berejiklian was voted leader unopposed after all other potential candidates pulled out of the race last week.

She will become the state’s first female Liberal Party Premier. Kristina Keneally (Labor) was the first female NSW Premier, serving from late 2009 to early 2011.

Addressing the media on Monday after the meeting she said she would govern for the people of NSW.

“I want to give this commitment today to those 7.5 million people, I will be governing for everyone, I will be delivering for everyone. I am proud of the fact that New South Wales has the strongest economy in the nation,” she said.

“I am proud of the fact that New South Wales has the strongest economy in the nation.”

She said local infrastructure didn’t just mean mega projects in Sydney but bitumen roads in the bush, new hospital wards or an amenities upgrade at a local sporting oval.

But there was a lot more her government could do when it comes to house prices.

“I strongly believe supply is the best way to address housing affordability.”

Ms Berejiklian spoke proudly about her migrant parents and praised public education.

“In our household, there was no room for complaining or making excuses, you just got on with the job and did it.”

“As my parents were new immigrants, I was born here in Sydney. When I started school I couldn’t speak English.”

She said her mother would tell her: “Don’t worry if you don’t really understand what the teacher says, put up your hand and have a go”.

“I took my mum’s advice but I want to pay tribute to the teachers who, during my life at school in the public education system, saw something in me and encouraged it.

“That is why you will have in me, the strongest supporter of Gonski,” she said.

The former transport minister also defended the $500 million cost blow-out to the light rail project.

She vowed Sydney would be a much a better place to move around when the project is completed.

“What the public is getting is much better than what we thought we were giving the public.”Ms Berejiklian replaced Mike Baird who last week announced he would step down from the role due to family reasons.

Mr Baird formally resigned at the meeting. Dominic Perrottet was voted Deputy Premier.

Government whip Chris Patterson made the announcement after the meeting.

“This morning, the New South Wales parliamentary Liberal Party has just met where Premier Mike Baird has resigned as leader and Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian resigned as deputy leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party,” he said.

Ms Berejiklian, 46, has been the member for the Sydney north shore electorate of Willoughby since 2003.

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