News State New South Wales 7-Eleven axe victim describes terrifying ordeal

7-Eleven axe victim describes terrifying ordeal

7-Eleven axe attack
A woman wielding an Two customers were attacked in a 'completely random' attack at a 7-Eleven in Sydney's inner west.
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A woman attacked with an axe at a service station in Sydney’s inner west has described the terrifying ordeal.

The horrific rampage left her with a fractured skull and a man seriously injured.

Sharon Hacker, 43, was buying milk at a 7-Eleven service station on Stanmore Road in Enmore at about 2am on Saturday when she crossed paths with a young blonde woman brandishing an axe.

“She just came with full force and swung and struck the man across the face,” Ms Hacker told Network Ten.

“Then (she) turned immediately around to me and again, with both hands, came through and struck me with the axe in the back of the head.

“And then as I was falling forward, (she) came in again and came down and struck me again.”

Ms Hacker was left with a fractured skull in the random attack, while a man in his 30s suffered more serious head injuries.

“His face was completely opened up and bleeding profusely,” Ms Hacker said.

“I’m just very lucky that I have very thick dreadlocks.”

Bystander Nathan Wood described chasing the woman down the street before losing her as he called police.

“But then she went after the person who was following behind me and swung her axe at him,” he said.

“Dude in a big coat, she swung and she missed, caught his coat and tore a big old hole through it.”

Police said that a short time after the attack a woman, believed to be aged in her 20s, was found by officers a short distance from the service station and arrested.

She had an axe in her possession, which was seized.

The woman has been taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment under police guard.

“There was no reason, it was just whatever was going on in her mind, she decided to take out on the world,” Ms Hacker said.

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