News State NSW News Home owner shoots intruder with bow and arrow

Home owner shoots intruder with bow and arrow

The man was reportedly shot while fleeing from the property. Photo: Getty
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A homeowner has shot an intruder with a bow and arrow after confronting him at his home at Wattle Grove in Sydney’s south-west, police say.

Officers said the unknown man broke into a couple’s home on Glanara Street, Wattle Grove, and stole cash, property and car keys yesterday afternoon.

The man then went to the garage of the home and entered the couple’s vehicle, a Nissan X-Trail.

As he started the car and attempted to reverse out of the garage, the 68-year-old male resident — at home with his wife during the robbery — armed himself with a compound bow and arrow and went to the garage.

The man confronted the robber, who got out of the car and jumped a fence into Wattle Grove Drive, running towards a parked Mazda Tribute.

As he ran away, the resident stood up on the fence and shot the fleeing man using the compound bow and arrow, hitting him in the bottom or lower back area.

The intruder — who was wearing a black, short-sleeved shirt — escaped, driving off in the parked car.

Police were called and attended a short time later.

A crime scene was established and examined by forensic specialists. The bow and arrow and other items were seized by police as exhibits.

The man who broke into the home is described as being short and of Caucasian appearance with dark hair and olive skin. He has a tattoo on the left arm above the elbow.

He is believed to be between 30 to 35 years old.

Police said inquiries with hospitals had yet to locate anyone treated for an injury consistent with this incident.

The investigation into the matter continues, including the use of the bow and arrow.

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