News State NSW News Nut job: firie cuts spanner from man’s private parts

Nut job: firie cuts spanner from man’s private parts

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Firefighters have executed a delicate rescue mission – attending Tweed Hospital to assist a man who had a spanner stuck on his penis.

It’s understood the man got into difficulty last week when his member swelled up in the ring spanner and he was unable to remove it.

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Tweed firefighters told the Gold Coast Bulletin it was not uncommon for them to be called to such jobs where people leave it too late to ask for help.

“It’s really dangerous because inevitably people leave it too long to come see us because they are embarrassed, or say my wife said to put butter on it, sleep on it and it will go down,” said senior firefighter Peter Sutherland.

“It never does.

“The blood goes into the appendage whether it’s a finger or whatever, it just swells up and by the time you realise it’s too late,” he said.

“We use a tiny angle grinder that’s air operated and use measuring tape to protect the skin and slowly zip away at it while keeping water running on it so it doesn’t get too hot.

“It’s a pretty delicate operation especially where it is, there’s a lot of blood vessels.”

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