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Huge white pointer attacks fishermen on boat

great white shark attack
Andrew Crust
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Two NSW fishermen have had a harrowing encounter with one of earth’s biggest ocean predators, with their boat bearing the chomp marks to prove it.

Stephen Crust, 63, and son Andrew Crust, 36, were fishing on Sunday (13 December) when a white pointer at least half the length of their boat attacked, supposedly unprovoked, prompting fears for local residents.

The “bloody big” beast bit and repeatedly rammed the craft with its head near Pulbah Island in Lake Macquarie, NSW, the son told The Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate.

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“It was big enough to take an arm off or even kill you,” Andrew Crust said.

“And it kept coming back rocking the boat, giving it a bloody good shove.

“It’s a bit of a worry if this shark is about when people are out skiing or doing anything on the water.”

The frightened duo managed to capture video and photographic evidence of the attack. One of the photos shows a shark chewing on on the boat’s motor and another, taken after the incident, seems to show the scratch marks it left.

The father, Stephen Crust, said he managed to hook the shark with his rod during the attack, and tried to reel it in for 30 minutes, but it lived to bite another day.

“I hooked him with my heavy ocean gear, and it was a great fight until he snapped the line.”

Click here to watch the video.

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