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Gay nightclub barred from Google

The Midnight Shift, Facebook
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Although usually know for its progressive values, Google has apologised to a Sydney gay nightclub for intolerant comments.

The Shift Bar and Club was recently told by a Google contractor, believed to be from India, that their business would be removed from Google as it did not meet “quality guidelines”.

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The comments came as staff at the club were looking to update the venue details on the site.

“In a conference call at the moment with Google as they are advising that they are removing Midnight Shift’s Google page ‘because it’s a gay bar’ and Google ‘no longer supports gay bars’ and they will be doing it to other gay bars,” venue promoter Ash Doran said in a Facebook post.

Mr Doran has since removed the post after it generated widespread outcry.

The tech giant was quick to rectify the situation and apologise for the comments.

“Gay bars are welcome on Google Maps, as they have always been,” a company spokesperson said.

“We’re taking immediate action internally to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Google has a reputation for its progressive values and support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community (LGBTI).

The company has been a major supporter of the Sydney Mardi Gras and other LGBTI events.

On Tuesday, Mr Doran removed the initial Facebook post, saying Google “acted appropriately”, but should be held accountable.

“To all of the people who said “Google cant be blamed”, it is of my personal opinion that companies are responsible and liable for the people they hire or contract,” he wrote.

“If they cannot ensure that their company policies and ethos are carried from directors, to management, to call centre staff to the cleaners that mop their floors, then they cannot say that their policies are worth anything unless they take appropriate action to correct the issue immediately.”

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