News State New South Wales Man injured on NSW rock swing

Man injured on NSW rock swing

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A man has suffered a suspected fractured pelvis and other serious injuries after using an illegal rock swing in the Blue Mountains National Park west of Sydney.

While tied to a rope attached to a tree, the 32-year-old jumped off Hanging Rock point at Blackheath about 1.45pm on Sunday and landed about eight metres onto a ledge, fracturing both ankles and possibly his pelvis.

Inspector Peter Scheinflug said the extremely dangerous activity consisted of jumping from the escarpment and free falling until stopped by the rope, and pendulum swinging.

“He continued to swing and came to a stop about 50 metres from the top of Hanging Rock where others extricated him to the top,” Insp Scheinflug said.

Ambulance Special Casualty Access team arrive and the injured man was carried a short distance before being winched by rescue helicopter to Westmead Hospital.

“It is shocking people take such risks and need to be warned about the obvious dangers,” Insp Scheinflug said.

“They are not only risking their own life but the lives of those whose job it is to rescue them.”

A ranger from NSW National Parks and Wildlife is investigating the alleged breach of safety laws.