News State New South Wales Tinkler donation doesn’t worry board

Tinkler donation doesn’t worry board

Alliance board member Nick Dan says he is not concerned by Nathan Tinkler donation
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A Newcastle Alliance board member says he is not concerned that businessman Nathan Tinkler donated money to it in the lead up to the 2011 state election, describing the organisation as a-political.

It was revealed in evidence last week to the ICAC that the former billionaire businessman donated $50 000 to the Newcastle Alliance.

Board member Kristen Keegan has reportedly resigned due to her concerns about the donation.

But Board Member Nick Dan says the advertising the Alliance ran during the campaign gave an opportunity for all parties to stake their claim.

“I haven’t had any concerns about that for a couple of reasons,” he said.

“The Newcastle Alliance deals particularly with the CBD.

“It’s an apolitical organisation.

“My understanding of the advertisements that we ran were really just saying to people “please think about your vote”.

“It gave each of the political parties the opportunity to frame their commitments to Newcastle.”

Mr Dan says while he is disappointed by Ms Keegan’s resignation, he is comfortable with the donation.

“I was sitting in ICAC when Nathan Tinkler gave his evidence about the Alliance and I also read his transcript of his evidence,” he said.

“His views mirrored my views on that occasion and our views don’t often match.”