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Greens say they’re the party to fix NSW

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There’s a smell wafting from the Labor and Liberal party rooms in NSW parliament, the Greens say.

Just days after police minister Mike Gallacher stepped aside following claims in front of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) over illegal donations to the Liberal Party, Greens NSW MP John Kaye announced on Sunday his new upper house team for the March 2015 election.

Joining him on the ticket will be existing MP Mehreen Faruqi, as well as coal seam gas campaigner and political advisor Justin Field.

Mr Kaye said the team would be highlighting their credentials as an alternative to the major parties.

“NSW politics has been plunged into crisis, not just by the Labor party but also by the Liberal party’s endemic addiction to collecting funds from tainted sources,” he told AAP.

“This is the time for reform. This is the election campaign where politics needs to change.”

Mr Field, who is third on the ticket, said he will be taking out the message of clean water, energy and politics out into the community.

“A stench of corruption now hangs over NSW parliament, but only the Greens are able to say they can clean up politics.”

The announcement comes after the Labor party revealed on Sunday that a “record number” of their party’s supporters had voted for former MP Verity Firth to be the next state candidate in the Sydney seat of Balmain.

She narrowly lost the marginal inner-city seat to Greens candidate Jamie Parker at the 2011 election.

Mr Parker said the Greens were confident that there needs to be change.

“It doesn’t matter who the candidate is, we have seen before that he structure of Labor means they are silenced … I stand for a different approach to politics,” he told AAP.

He said one of the bills the Greens would be be introducing to parliament in the following months is a push to implement 2010 ICAC recommendations on lobbying in NSW.

This included a recommendation to set up an independent body to oversee the role of lobbyists.

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