News State NSW News One in 10 in NSW own guns

One in 10 in NSW own guns

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The number of privately owned guns in NSW has climbed above 700,000 according to a report in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

Almost one in every 10 people in the state own a gun, according to the figures released under a Freedom of Information request.

Lobby group Gun Control Australia is today launching a campaign against widespread gun ownership across the state.

On today’s 18th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre, the lobby group are calling for the NSW government to take a more hardline approach to gun ownership and withdraw from alliances with Shooters and Fishers Party.

A firearms include air rifles, rim-fire rifles and some shotguns.

GCA spokeswoman Samantha Lee told the Daily Telegraph ‘an influential gun lobby had gradually eroded the government agreement on gun control made after the 1996 Port Arthur shootings.’

“With drive-by shootings occurring nearly every week in Sydney, it is time the NSW Premier cleaned up this state by firstly cleaning up our gun numbers,” she said.

“The laws have allowed for private arsenals to flourish in Sydney suburbs. The more guns in the community, the more likely they will be stolen and fall into the black market.”