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Cootes granted NSW govt reprieve

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· Cootes tanker grounded

Embattled trucking company Cootes Transport has been granted a reprieve, with the NSW government allowing the firm to continue driving on the state’s roads.

Cootes came under scrutiny after one of its fuel tankers was involved in a double fatality in Sydney’s north in October 2013.

Compliance checks and an audit of the truck’s fleet uncovered hundreds of defects, including faulty brakes, loose brackets and oil and fluid leaks.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay put Cootes on notice earlier this month.

Cootes were asked to show cause within two weeks as to why it should not be banned from operating on NSW roads.

Mr Gay said the company had provided an action plan, including decommissioning 50 older trucks.

Cootes has pledged to purchase or bring in new prime movers to join its NSW fleet and review maintenance processes.

Mr Gay said the commitment meant Cootes would be allowed to continue operations in NSW “for the time being”.

“I am encouraged to know the company has taken sensible action to address the issues,” he said.

“But it is not a time to be complacent.

“The company is aware that should compliance issues continue to be detected, action will be reinstated to ensure the safety of all road users.”

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