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Grog OK for NSW MPs

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Drinking on the job remains the right of NSW politicians.

A parliamentary inquiry has rejected a call to ban MPs from their favourite tipple at work.

An upper house committee was given the job of considering ways of tightening rules around members drinking alcohol on sitting days.

The inquiry was launched in 2013 by the Greens after then finance minister Greg Pearce was ejected from parliament after accusations he was drunk.

Decisions made in this parliament have real bearing on people’s lives.

Mr Pearce, who was later sacked for failing to disclose a conflict of interest over a Sydney Water appointment, publicly apologised for his ejection from parliament.

He said he was exhausted and had the flu, which was “compounded” by consuming alcohol.

Greens MP John Kaye, who started the inquiry, said every workplace where critical decisions are made is alcohol-free and that state parliament should be no different.

“Decisions made in this parliament have real bearing on people’s lives,” he told AAP.

“It would be simply wrong to allow those decisions to continue to be made under the influence of alcohol.”

The upper house report recommended the President of the Legislative Council Don Harwin address the house on the issue.

“I take this opportunity to make it absolutely clear that grossly disorderly conduct includes inappropriate behaviour as a result of intoxication by alcohol or any other substance,” he told the chamber.

“Any member who displays such behaviour should therefore expect to be summarily dealt with under the standing orders.”

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