News State NSW News Maintenance program being developed for Ulan Road post upgrade

Maintenance program being developed for Ulan Road post upgrade

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The Mid-Western Regional Council says it will take two work crews three years to upgrade the Ulan Road.

A fortnight ago the state government announced council would receive nearly $10m from the Resources for Regions scheme for the $18m project.

General Manager, Warwick Bennett, says a meeting next month with the three coal mines also funding the upgrade, should see the works schedule finalised.

He says council will need extra staff for the project and will start advertising positions soon.

“We’ll be having two works crews on site for the full three years,” he said.

“We don’t want to do too much at once, because we’re aware staff still need to get from the coal mines.

“We don’t want it to be a continuous road work from Mudgee to the coal mines.

“So the road users get a really good go, but at the same time doing it in a timeframe that is reasonable and meeting community expectations.”

Residents living in the Mudgee district are being assured, once the Ulan Road is upgraded, there is an extensive maintenance program planned.

“The road will be re-sealed every 10 years and there’ll be other regular maintenance that occurs over the next 20 year period,” Mr Bennett said.

“It’s part of the agreement that was reached with the coal mines through the Department of Planning and we’ll be ensuring all that work happens.”