News State NSW News Police van to prevent crime in Walgett

Police van to prevent crime in Walgett

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Police in Walgett will soon take possession of a van decked out with game consoles, entertainment and sports equipment.

The Giyaali Youth Van is linked to a national agreement where all levels of government work with Indigenous communities to close the disadvantage gap.

Castlereagh Crime Manager, Inspector Tony Mureau, says it will enable police to engage with young people in a fun and relaxing environment.

He says it will build trust and help divert the region’s young people from crime and anti social behaviour.

“We just identified some gaps in the community, service delivery around youth,” he said.

“We don’t have a PCYC here at the moment so we really thought if we can get a sort of mobile van that has the right gear in it targeting youth and we can get that out and about it just might help break down some barriers and really give the youth something to do out here.”

Inspector Mureau, says police will likely use the van on weekends when young people don’t have a lot of entertainment options and are more likely to get up to mischief.

“Youth crime is an issue for us so often that contact between police and youth is somewhat negative and this just gives us an opportunity to something positive for the kids, we’re having fun, playing with whatever game or throwing a football around, watching a movie.

“It’s hugely important.”