News State NSW News Hunter St revitalisation on hold for light rail decision

Hunter St revitalisation on hold for light rail decision

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A trial that aims to breathe new life into Newcastle’s Hunter Street has been put on the backburner while the New South Wales government makes a decision about light rail in the city.

Councillors last night voted to wait until an announcement on whether light rail will go down Hunter Street or along the current heavy rail corridor.

The trial is already funded in this year’s budget and includes parklets, cycling and walking paths, more seating, trees and bike racks.

Councillor Tim Crakanthorp says the changes should be going ahead because they are designed to complement light rail.

“An advantage of the trial is that it can accommodate light rail wherever it is located,” he said.

“The trial changes to Hunter Street will be a critical part of resolving issues that need to be addressed before committing to light rail.

“We’ve been waiting four years to fix Hunter Street.

“We had $2 million set aside in the last council, we’re a year into this term, and we’re still postponing a trial.

“It’s an absolute disgrace.”

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