News State ACT A magnitude 3.1 earthquake hits the northern suburbs of Canberra

A magnitude 3.1 earthquake hits the northern suburbs of Canberra

Geoscience Australia is urging people who felt the quake to report it to the agency. Photo: Twitter
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Did you feel the Earth move on Friday morning in the northern suburbs of Canberra?

That is the question Geoscience Australia is asking on social media platform Twitter after more than 200 residents reported feeling the earthquake in the nation’s capital about 10.05am on Friday.

The government agency reported it to be a magnitude 3.1 earthquake, hitting at a depth of about 10km in the northern suburbs near Forde.

“Whoa, what the hell was that? Felt like a tremor,” posted Tim Kelly from Amaroo in the ACT.

Another wrote: “Apparently Canberra just had a bit of an earthquake. Didn’t make much of an impression in the basement of APH,” referring to parliament house.

The earthquake, 16 years to the day after the Canberra bushfires, comes as the ACT has already endured recording breaking temperatures of above 45 degrees, and massive electrical storms.

Resident Kerry Sleeman Boudoir said it felt like her house was “going to explode”.

“I felt it OK, I basically nearly jumped out of my seat, felt like the house in Forde (Mulligans Flat) was going to explode!,” she posted on Facebook.

Another local reported feeling her office shake.

Seismologist Hugh Glanville told ABC Radio at a magnitude of 3.1, the tremor posed no threat to structures or people, but was a relatively rare event in urban Canberra.

“It’s normally a bang and a bit of rattling and a few seconds of shaking that might pass you like a truck or a train coming very close past you,” he said.

“Within 50km of it we’ve had about 100 earthquakes in the past 20 years – we’re averaging about five per year, but in the ACT itself we only rarely feel earthquakes.”