News State ACT ‘Color Run’ hits Canberra

‘Color Run’ hits Canberra

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An estimated 7,000 people finished this year’s colour fun run beside Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

The event, which uses the American spelling for its official title – Color Run – is held in cities around the country.

Everyone arrived early wearing white, but expected to be drenched with colour by the finish line at Stage 88.

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The participants were hit with coloured cornstarch, dye and detergent bubbles at various points along the five-kilometre course.

But it is all part of the fun on the unusual running and walking event.

Rachael Ross and Ashley Kara travelled from Goulburn in New South Wales to take part.

The pair declared the event was a success after being coated in colour near the finish line.

Thousands of participants threw powder packets in the air at the finale to celebrate the event which is dubbed the happiest five-kilometre run on the planet.

The next scheduled event is a Color Night Run in Sydney on May 16.

There’s always a traffic jam as thousands of runners make their way through the starting line. Photo: ABC


The first colour packets start flying as the colour run begins near Regatta Point. Photo: ABC


There is an explosion of colour at the concert to celebrate the end of the Canberra Color Run. Photo: ABC


At points along the 5 kilometre running course, coloured powder and food dye is added to the mix. Photo: ABC


All dressed in white, participants prepare for the start of the colour run in Canberra. Photo: ABC



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