News State ACT News Hidden gun found near Parliament House

Hidden gun found near Parliament House

A Canberra man was sentenced to more time behind bars after giving a prison visitor a map to a gun hidden near Parliament House.
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A south Canberra man who played hide-and-seek with a loaded shotgun near Parliament House has been sentenced to more time in jail.

While Gavin Massey, 30, from Narrabundah was serving time in prison last year for unrelated offences, he used a prison visit from a friend to sketch out a map detailing where he had hidden a sawn-off shotgun on Empire Circuit.

Unfortunately for Massey prison guards found the map torn up and dumped in a bin.

They managed to piece it back together and handed it over to police who almost a week later followed the trail to the weapon hidden in the bushes.

The double-barrelled shotgun was fully loaded.

It is not known how long the weapon had been sitting beside the road but today Acting Justice John Nield expressed some concern over the police delay in choosing to follow the map.

“I do not know why police waited 6 days,” he said.

Then during a search of Massey’s home officers found what was described as a ‘veritable Aladdin’s cave’ of stolen goods.

Including more than $20,000 worth of products taken from seven home burglaries across Canberra

Today Massey was sentenced in the Supreme Court on charges of weapons and ammunition possession, as well as driving a stolen car and the possession of the stolen property.

The court heard that Massey had a lengthy criminal history including more than 80 offences from across New South Wales and the ACT.

Acting Justice Nield added that Massey was already serving time for almost identical weapons and theft offences.

“I think it is fair to say that he has learnt nothing from his earlier punishments,” he said.

“I cannot see any prospect for rehabilitation.

“I see that the offender will surely reoffend on release from prison.”

He sentenced Massey to jail for just over four years on the current charges and reset his non-parole period to include the previous offences.

It means Massey will now serve at least 6 years and 9 months behind bars.